Dominik Twardowski

Professional Voice Over services.

A genuine, confident, male baritone is best for advertising, multimedia presentations, instructional videos and e-learning, but it also suits character work in games and cartoons.

Corporate demo in American English
Narration demo in Russian English
Commercial reel in American English

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Who, me?

Dominik Twardowski

My name is Dominik Twardowski and I am a freelance voice over talent. I have 3 years of professional work under my belt. I narrate instructional videos, e-learning courses, multimedia presentations and commercials.

Occasionally, I dip my toes in character work.

I do all this in English with a British or North American accent, as well as in my native tongue of Polish. I graduated from MCSU in Lublin with a degree of Bachelor of English and have a certificate in Advanced English.

Listen to me talking two languages!


Ad campaigns require a deep, catchy sound.

My voice works great with TV spots, radio and cinema commercials, and in-store messages.

Commercial reel in American English
Commercial reel in British English
Voice of God - American English
Commercial reel in Polish

Instructional/corporate videos

Corporate videos became one of the most powerful marketing tools in strategic communication. They help boost the company's message to a broader audience and strengthen its effectiveness. Why not try my voice for a staff training or safety video? Or a tutorial, a promo/brand film or your interactive voice response system (IVR)?

Corporate samples in American English
Corporate samples in British English
Interactive Voice Response system
Corporate samples in Polish

Narration/character work

Understanding of different kinds of narrations is a real advantage when it comes to a voice game or a cartoon. The ability to embody a variety of characters with balanced and articulated tone is a useful when telling a story.

George Orwell - Animal Farm (BrE)
Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas (opening)
Narration demo in Russian English
Narration demo in Polish

Animation credits: Zofia Mastyna

Why a pro VO?

The choice of a voice over can determine the fate of a project.

By hiring a professional voice artist you leave your video in good hands. With the right read voiceovers can give a copy depth and supplement the visual quality of the video.

A believable vocal performance will improve not only brand awareness, but also your clients' trust in you and your organization.

The artist can use their tone, inflexion, and even rightfully placed pauses to call their listeners to action. If a voice is uninspiring, dull and flat, recipients will tune out. Indifferent viewers are symptoms of a failed video.

That's how I work

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Drop me a line

Choose the way of contacting me that suits you best. Let's discuss the project, its goals and your expectations.

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A taste of things to come

Once we establish what needs to be achieved, I will prepare a free sample so we can find the best sound for you.

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The file

I record the track, debreathe it, even out the levels, normalize to -3dB. Otherwise, I can send a raw recording.

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That's all!

You receive the product you asked for and the gates of a new, beneficial relation open in front of us.

Some of those I had the privilege to work with:

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